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Dominican Republic
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>DHA BASIIK«! >>WASZ GUD AMIGATErrsz Da NAMESZ JOSE BUT DA REMIX B CUCHY.YA DIGG. IM DOMINCAN ASTA LA TAMBORA.I WASZ BORED IN SANTIGO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.RAISED DERE.ND CURRENTLY LIVIN DERE. SO YUH NOE I B REPING THE 809 TO THE FULLEST NO MATER WAT FUCKING HAPPENS U DIGG .IMA STRIAGHT UP NIKKA AND REAL YA DIGG I TELL PPL WAT I HAVE TO SAII TO THERE FACE NOT THREW BULLSHIT. THATSZ LTTLE KID SHIT I LIKE TO B AROUND MII NIKKASZ YA DIGG CUZ THATSZ WAT I DO. AM CURRENTLY "TAKEN" BII MII BABY.SHES DA BEST THING DATSZ HAPPENED TO MEH [Bananasz™☆].LOLZ.I FIRST OPENED MII EYES JANUARY 1989.SOO YUH NOE DAT MEANSZ AM 19 yearsz old.Am A SENIOR RITE NOW.HOPEFULLY GRADUATIN DISZ YEAR.AmDA TYPE OF PERSON WHO TRYS TO GIV OUT DA BEST IN MEH.AM WAT U MIGHT CALL A "HACKER" DAT MEANS I FUCTION W/ COMPUTERS SOOO U NOE.I NOE HOW TOO DO EVERITHING YU'LL NEED FROM FORMATING DA COMPUTER TO MAKIN PICTURES...WELL I THINK DATSZ ALL U NEED TO NOE FOR NOW.SOO YUH NOE IF U WANNA NOE MORE.JUST CONTACT MEH BII MESSAGES.OR COMMENTS.BUT JUST REMMABAH STRANGERS GET DELETED. I'm a interesting human being! Thats what alot of people say about me. You don't find rarely humans like me. I have a short atention span, so I get bored easily. I have to be kept on the edge of the seat at all times. I'm VERY hard to please. I have a great sense of humor and I love jokes, gags, pranks and parodies. I could be serious too, so don't be fooled. I love reading and writing. I'm the type of person you would speak to and would be humored or intrigued by mentally. I'm also an "Entertainer"(ilusionist,Mentalism & Urban Dancer) I spend alot of time working out and fullfilling my spiritual needs. I believe that anyone who is into any religion or faith, that religion or faith should uplift you as a Human Being, not make you into a religious slave or zombie, and that the religion should not mix falsehood with truth, and that the religion should be a fighter for Freedom, Justice, and Equality for all Human Beings as well as for anything of life that God has given to this planet so-called Earth. I also believe in the mental resurrection of the dead. There are many of the Human race who are blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of Self and others and I also feel the ones who know should teach.I also believe in the seen and what is to be known of the unseen. I believe in the Power of the mind, and that knowledge is as infinite as God himself.
Webmaster - Programador - Diseñador Grafico
ilusionist,Mentalism,Magic,Computers,Web Design &; Graph,Music n Dance I would like to meet anyone that is "DRAMA FREE" I mean not even linked to drama, Drama and issues is for the Novelas and Magazines, so I do not want to live around it. I would also like to meet anyone that is down to bugout and chill and laugh and make jokes and enjoy life to the fullest, Now is the time in my life I need more "Friends" than anything else! So to let yah know...I am not interested in anyone or looking to hookup with anyone!
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R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggaeton, Rock, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa...De Todo..
Favorite Films:
Saw I,2,3,4 - Lov Don't Cost A Thin - Scary Movie I,2,3,4 - Resident Evil I,2,3 // Cartoons: Simpsom, South Park, Billy y Mandy, alots more - Movies: Upstears - Series - .........
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El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba - Don Quijote - Cronica De Una Muerte Anunciada.
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